Bigg Boss 8: Karishma cries her heart out

Desi Cinemaa:Karishma

Looks like wild card entrant Renee Dhyani is in no mood to make friends in the Bigg Boss 8 house. Renee, who is playing an important part in the current luxury budget task, refused to perform a task and as a result of this Karishma was not allowed to meet her mother who travelled all the way from Mumbai to meet her daughter. During the task, Karishma was given four options in the app task – fan reactions, meeting her mom, getting her make-up back and getting access to conversations that the contestants had behind her back. Karishma chose the option of meeting her mother, but as there was not enough battery, Bigg Boss gives Karishma a chance to convince Renee to complete the task of colouring her hair and recharge the house battery and get her to meet her mom. Sources inform, Karishma bursts into tears and also pleads to Renee to do the task. However, Renee turns down her request saying that when the housemates were given a chance to save one person from nominations, none of them chose to save. So why she would help anyone. Everyone tries to convince Renee, but everything goes in vain. In fact, at one point she gets up and even tears off her own father’s picture. Everyone gets shocked at this behaviour of Renee. Karishma then decides that now she will not take Renee’s help to meet her mother, she will be strong and says no, as Renee’s behaviour was not acceptable. Renee didn’t let Karishma meet her mother who travelled all the way from Mumbai to meet her daughter.