‘Dirty Politics’ passed without any cuts

Desi Cinemaa:dirtypolitics-2013-2b

Mallika Sherawat is controversy’s favourite child. But a decade after Khwahish and its 17 kisses, it looked like the actress had exhausted her store of shocking antics. However, according to Mumbai Mirror report, the actress recently pulled a surprise during the promo launch of her next film, Dirty Politics. Replete with sexual innuendos, Mallika mouthing cuss words and a still of the actress sitting draped in nothing but the tricolour on a beaconed car, the trailer has plenty to raise eyebrows, the report states. Mallika plays Anokhi Devi, an item girl turned politician whose dialogue includes lines like, “Anokhi apna ghaaghra jhatkegi toh tere jaisa chalees ch***e niklenge.” She also gyrates to a risque track, ‘Mere ghaaghre ke liye ghamasaan machi hai’. According to the report in Mumbai Mirror, the film has been passed with an ‘A’ certificate but without any cuts. Mirror quotes an official from the Censor Board on condition of anonymity, “There was a lot of uproar after the screening as the members couldn’t agree on what to cut and what to retain. Finally, the film was sent to the revising committee and they decided to give it a go ahead without any cuts.”

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