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The makers of Hate Story have come up with the second installment of the erotic thriller Hate Story 2. Directed by Vishal Pandya, the film sees the debut of former television star and Punjabi films heroine Surveen Chawla in Bollywood along with yet another television star, Jay Bhanushali. With so many music directors coming together for the film, lets us have a look at the song by song music review and see if the music of the film has inspired us or not.

Aaj phir tumse pyar

The album opens with the classic Lakshmikant – Pyarelal track from Dayavan, Aaj phir tumse pyarwhich has been specially recreated for this movie. Recreated by Arko who has thankfully not done any major tampering to this simple yet melodious tune of LP, the end product has turned out quite well. Arijit Singh and Samira Koppikar contribute majorly with their vocals in preserving the sanctity of the tune thus letting us to appreciate the track. But unfortunately for the listener, the joy is short-lived since the makers have also thrust a remix of this melody on the hapless listener. DJ Shiva does the honors and yes, it can at best be avoided.

Kabhi aayine pe

Sung by KK this Rashid Khan composed track starts off reasonably well but sags midway which leads to the listener losing interest in it after a point. KK does his best to infuse energy into the number without much success. Though it isn’t a bad composition, the tune fails to register. The remix is not much different from the original except for a faster pace and extra beats which ironically enough, turns out to be a good decision since the original lacked those very same things.

Pink lips

Sung by Khusboo Grewal and Meet Bros Anjjan this supposed dance track featuring Sunny Leone is not pleasing. Kumaar’s lyrics are ludicrous and so is the composition. The composers join Khusboo Grewal in delivering this track which is sure to find its share of followers among the listeners but it is something that will never be part of my personal playlist for sure. As if this was not enough, we have a remix for this track too which is not really much different from the original except that it has been made more club-worthy.

Hai dil yeh mera

The magical combination of Arijit Singh and composer Mithoon come together once again for this track. Pensive in mood but melodious in nature, this song is soft and soothing but the tune is not engaging enough for it to become a chartbuster. Arijit once again saves the day with his awe-inspiring vocals so much so that it seems as if the composer is riding on the versatile singer’s vocals to camouflage the limitations of his composition. Honestly speaking that is not something which we expect from a talented composer like Mithoon but his run-of-the-mill tune is mildly put, disappointing. The need for a remix of a slow melody (a melancholic one at that) has always eluded me but somehow the composers seem to find a reason to incorporate even that in the soundtrack and so we have a remix of even this track in the album. The remix again seems to be overly dependent on Arijit despite the inclusion of extra beats and pace which is anyways standard for a remix track. Despite everything it is still not engaging enough for it to enjoy a long shelf life.

Verdict: Overall, the soundtrack of Hate Story 2 is a mixed bag with a couple of good tracks co-existing with some average ones. The trend of having multiple music directors composing for a single film has more often than not produced mixed results. Hate Story 2 is one such album. Our pick of the album is still the yesteryear hit Aaj phir tumse.

Rating:2 out of 52 Star Rating

Reviewed by Prateek Sur

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent