I am single, but my Mr Right shouldn’t be from the industry : Tina Dutta

Desi Cinemaa:Tina Dutta

We got in touch with the leading lady- Tina Dutta, who played a double role in the long running series, about her memorable moment on the show, her life ahead and her single status.

“It’s been more than fine in Uttaran and it has been the best time of my life. Now I feel time is flying and it will soon be the last day of the shoot, and the last time I get ready in my makeup room. It will no longer be mine, there are so many yaadein (memories) attached to it. This will be the toughest time of my life. Uttaran has given me everything; I have worked with some fabulous actors and learnt so much from them – Ayub Khan, Vaishali Ammo, Nani and Krutika. The show gave me my best friend – Mrunal Jain, who is not just a friend but also my guide. I have made so many friends on the set,” said Tina.

Uttaran was apparently, Tina’s debut show and is solely responsible for the fame the actor enjoys. “Uttaran gave me a name and fame. Now people know and love me worldwide only because of this show. The show made me independent – I now have my own car and a home in Mumbai, which is a big achievement. All the awards I have received make me feel much better than what money can do – these are some things I will treasure for the rest of my life. It’s like my baby; no matter how sad I feel, the moment I reach the set my mood gets lifted. I can’t believe it will all be over in 20 days,” expressed the actor.

Tina claims that post the show, she wants to chill for some time, catch up with friends, but she will always be on a lookout for something interesting to match her talent. So what about love? Tina responded, “I am single. As for what he should be like – Well my Mr. Right should be understanding, non-judgmental and respect my profession. Ideally he shouldn’t be from the industry. Eventually, everyone needs to settle down in life. I don’t want to date an actor because actors are insecure. I have witnessed a lot of broken marriages among actors and I need a life beyond acting.”

Well Tina has given her criteria, so if her Mr Right is reading this, you know what to do.