Script & Photography: Vijaya Chandra Babu Menda
Voice: Rashi KApoor
Editing: Jitendra Kumar Jitu

Had his hair been completely white he would have looked like Einstein. The long locked , philosopher of films from Bollywood while speaking to audience at Jaipur Literature Festival this said ” Indian Cinema is the custodian of contemporary morality, code of conduct, so to speak, ethics”. He said further that he understood the Indian Cinema in this way, when he saw himself and the people while growing up.

            ” I am pretty certain that they wanted to be a Vijay , they wanted to be a Ravi or they wanted to be a Suraj, and all those guys , the heroes who were playing at that point of time. We have tried to play those roles in our real life later, sometimes at own peril, to treat a woman at the same impulses of same concepts of love and relationships as those people had in the movies,” he said amidst waves of laughter. In short he meant that people tried to imitate the roles overwhelmingly in their lives.

            He further added,” Of course, there were religions and moral science books that were the official guiding factors on how to behave . For me it was Indian Cinema which told me how to behave with your mother, with your sister, and people around , and what moral standards to have how much to respect women- all these things I learnt from Indian Cinema”

            There are of course, social issues and national issues. And Imtiaz Ali said that he felt that people really get molded by Indian Cinema in India.” That is something that I realized now” he said.

            Among the others, Imtiaz Ali made an indelible mark on India Cinema through his work in Tamasha, Jab We Met, High Way etc. He directorial touch to the movies brought a new dimension to the Indian film making. He has captured a large audience through his movies which are far more different than those of masala mixes churned out from the bowels of Bollywood.

            Asked on what role songs play in movies Imtiaz Ali promptly said that when a complicated concept has to be portrayed , which cannot be pictured as a scene , songs come handy to replenish that. Songs bring that effect that desired in the story. He said that Indian Cinema has to reach maximum number of audience. Otherwise, it is not economical and it is not worth spending so much money.

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