Script & Photography: Vijaya Chandra Babu Menda
Voice: Rashi KApoor
Editing: Jitendra Kumar Jitu

While presenting himself at Jaipur literature Festival this year, Manav Kaul, who came to lime light through the film ” Kai Po Che” in a role of villain feels that villain in movies is the actual hero. And he was the hero in that film.

            On why he chose to be a villain in films, he said” the world does not run on my wishes. I take what come in my way ” . He added ” Actually I don’t know. Films are made according to the tastes of the people. People get what they deserve. Actually a hero has a limited role in films while the role of a villain is bigger.

            Speaking of his struggles in the films Manav said that he loved poetry and he always looked for a friend with whom he can discuss poetry and songs and found that in Swanand Kirkire , another multi talented personality most suited for it. ” My friends in Mumbai are all actors and there was no one to interact and discuss on poems and songs ” he said.

            Mana Kaul has dexterity not only in acting but also equally good at writing poetry, playwright and direction etc. Born in Baramulla of Kashmir , he lives in Hoshangabad in Madhya Pradesh. Manav made his debut as an actor in fantasy film” Jajantram mamantram” but only ten years later that he shot to fame with his role as villain in ” Kai Po Che”.

            Directing and playwright are his forte. ” That is a lot of a responsibility. It is far more important. ” he said . His play “Peele scooterwale” won META award and he was in lime light since then. The other play of his was unique because it was a monologue and was titled ” Shakker ke panch daane”. This too got wide public attention and comments.

            At Japiur Literature Festival this year, when asked about allegedly dwindling standard of Hindi in films , Manav said that he believed something new will emerge and not to worry if something is on the verge of dying. And as of Hindi language there is nothing to worry, and it will stand on its own. On theatre in similar condition he said ” I don’t take responsibility of theatre . It effects me as well as anyone else in it and life goes on”, he said.

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