Script & Photography: Vijaya Chandra Babu Menda
Voice: Rashi KApoor
Editing: Jitendra Kumar Jitu

When people saw Sanjna Kapoor in Jaipur Literature Festival this year they thought she would tell some filmy story . But then she narrated in most captivating manner about the story of lions, cheetahs and the wild of Africa’s Serengeti Sanctuary along with Anjali singh who presented story on Jawai , a locale in Rajasthan where leopards live on the edges of village without endangering themselves.

            She gave credit of shooting the entire episodes of those lions and cheetahs in Serengeti , to her adolescent son Hamir. Her husband Valmik Thapar is known all over the world of tiger conservationists. He was there all along.

            Sanjna was seen watching film personalities from a distance. She was not seen hobnobbing with Rishi Kapoor and his wife in public when they arrived to book release event in JLF. Instead Sanjna chose to sit on the floor among the audience and enjoy theatrics of her cousin. She appears not far from the people engaged in films although pursuing her own career in theatres. She attended and listened keenly every word spoken by the famous film personalities like Alan Holinghurst, Neil Gordon, David Hare, Richard Flangan etc. She was mostly seen in the company of Mrinal Pande , an eminent figure in literature.

            As it is known , Sanjna Kapoor, daughter of Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer Kendall , chose theatre after a brief stint in films and Television. Her father is from a family of film makers and her mother is from a family of famous theatre in England. She seemed more inclined towards theatre. She frequented Prithvi Theatres in Mumbai. And even more determined when she opened her own company under the name Junoon four years back.

            Living in Delhi presently, she travels to Mumbai and Delhi for her work.

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