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2016 seems to be an exciting year as far as Bollywood films are concerned. It sees the three Khans coming up with their major releases. While Shah Rukh Khan has ‘Fan’ lined up for release on April 15, 2016, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan will be seen as wrestlers in ‘Sultan’ and ‘Dangal’ respectively. Films featuring the Bollywood Khans have always been the talk of the town and it would be interesting to know which one of these will finally win the box-office battle. Of course, we still have a long wait before we can find that out, but till then, The Times of India tried to get a rough idea of the situation beforehand. On their official Twitter page, TOI conducted a poll asking followers as to which film were they looking forward to out of ‘Fan,’ ‘Sultan’ and ‘Dangal.’ Considering that the buzz around all three films is immense, it was expecting the competition to be quite a tough one, but results are totally surprising . Well, Shah Rukh Khan is the winner here with 63% of people looking forward to his ‘Fan.’ Salman’s ‘Sultan’ grabs the second position with 30% votes, whereas only 7% audience is interested in watching Aamir’s ‘Dangal.’