Script & Photography: Vijaya Chandra Babu Menda
Voice: Rashi KApoor
Editing: Jitendra Kumar Jitu

At Jaipur Literature Festival this year the presence of Bolly wood and Hollywood   personalities appeared to have increased a bit than the previous years . There were sessions on screenplay, on literature versus cinema, introducing new personalities like Manav Kaul and introducing book launches by film personalities such as Rishi Kapoor , story telling by Sanjna Kapoor ,multi faceted Nandana sen, nationalism in Indian cinema , books to films, recitation of poetry by Prasoon Joshi, Swanand Kirkire and above all the participation of Javed Akthar and Gulzar and stalwarts from Hollywood and Britain like David Hare, Neil Jordan, Richard Flanagan, Alan Hollinghurst, Bruce made the Jaipur Literature Festival far more important and popular.

            Even film critics like well known Rachel Dwyer, Subhra Gupta , Raja Sen  Chandrahas Choudhury,   etc had their role full in presenting the cinema to public from their view point.

            This year presence of Swanand Kirkire in the Festival appeared to be more than anyone. He presented Manav Kaul in a session and next morning he was seen belting out his songs and poetry to the brimful audience, then interviewed Gulzar,then had conversations with Anuradha Beniwal, later presented a song sequence to the elite audience . For the people who came from all over the world, from almost all over the country the name of Swanand Kirkire was a revelation while he romped allover Jaipur Literature festival this year. He came out as emerging word spinner and master story teller through his work .

            I was very fortunate to have shared dais with Gulzar saheb who has been my guiding light. It was really a dream come true for me ” he said . He showered   few words of praise on me and I feel greatly elated for that. It is so humbling .

            “Now a days lyricists are gaining importance for their literary flavor in songs, When I went to Bombay there were hardly four or five song writers, I thought there was no competition ! but these days you will find around 50 song writers competing with each other !!!”.

            He added” Actually these days song writers have in Hindi cinema have lifted the profession to intellectual level. They are not just film songs but individually they are poetry. For instance song written by Gulzar sahab . They are film songs alright but individually they have poetic tone.”

            “The songs written for a film no doubt fit into a particular scene of the film but they also have heir individuality” he said.

            ” I love green room. I love that ambience. I like to stay there for ever: those lights , make up , appearance etc make me happy” sais Swanand. ” We sit in the market and discuss which will sell and which will not. Image of a writer in our society is that a man with kurta and seen living   in poverty. It is necessary that it should change. But then if a writer is seen making good money , people tend to say that he is spoiled!!!” he said .

            Starting his career since 2003, Swanand Kirkire has tried his hand in almost aspects of film making: lyricist, singer, actor, dialogue writer, associate director, playwright etc. I due course won two prestigious awards : Film Fare award in 2005 and National Film award in 2007. Almost all his contributions fared well and he got repeated calls from directors and producers. He has two albums to his credit , one made by Shantanu Moitra and the other made recently won acclaim and showed impressive sales in the market. His multifarious roles in hit films like 3 idiots, Chameli, Kai Po Che etc stabilized him as a film personality in the industry and he is here to stay .

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