When Tina Munim turned down Anil Ambani

Desi Cinemaa:Tina Munim

One of the most popular couples of the country, Anil and Tina Ambani are a perfect example of ‘love conquers all’. Though in an interview with Simi Garewal, Anil Ambani revealed that it was never love at first sight for him, his friends and Tina love to disagree over this. Anil spotted Tina for the first time unofficially at a wedding. As per Anil the thing that caught his attention was Tina’s black saree as she was the only person in the entire wedding ceremony who wore something black. The second time they met was when Anil Ambani was in Philadelphia. Anil was introduced to Tina and he instantly asked her out. Coming from a place where everyone runs after beautiful actresses, Tina thought Anil was no different and turned him down.

Anil and TinaIt was family pressure that influenced Anil and Tina to stop seeing each other. Anil tried explaining things to Tina agreed to his decision without questioning him. But at the end she was just a girl who was heart broken. After this incident Anil and Tina did not speak to each other for 3-4 years.